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Global Landscape of OGBV

OGBV comes in a variety of forms. While, in some ways, women's experiences across the globe are comparable, there are also key differences and nuances that mean we cannot address the issue with one universal solution. 

We therefore need to work to understand the issue in its entire complexity, and recognize the great range of experiences within different circumstances and contexts, in order to identify effective strategies for change.

The map below is part of a broader set of research outputs that provides an overview of the state of OGBV across the globe. It depicts the findings of our research on OGBV, highlights the variety and breadth of OGBV initiatives across the globe, showcases the work/ research of the Women's Rights Online network, highlights challenges/ barriers in addressing OGBV across the globe, and also shows what data is available on OGBV. The map includes:

  • Stories: telling stories about the journeys of women who have been impacted by OGBV
  • Policies and legislation: highlighting examples of government initiatives in each region with a focus on OGBV
  • Case studies of OGBV initiatives: sharing examples of specific initiatives on OGBV
  • Researcher profiles: profiles of the civil society organizations and researchers who have contributed to this map. The pins on the map show the areas each organization's research focused on, rather than necessarily where that organization is based.

What is the global picture?

By developing a global landscape on OGBV, we were able to draw out themes at a global level, spot key gaps and challenges, and identify what's needed going forward. We also created inventories of reports, government initiatives, civil society stakeholders and innovative tech companies.  These are live documents which we are looking to update and add to over time. These inventories can be seen on each of the pages linked below, or on the Resource Hub page.

What is the regional picture?

These regional summaries are part of our research project which aimed to develop a global landscape of the responses to OGBV from civil society, tech, and governments. They have a particular focus on the Global Majority.