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Our work centers the expertise and experience of gender justice and digital rights organizations and their years of leadership in driving solutions to this global problem.
The World Wide Web Foundation partners with global gender justice and digital rights organizations to prevent and counter OGBV. For the inaugural Tech Policy Policy Design Lab, we partnered with Feminist Internet and Craig Walker, and 120 experts from over 35 countries for nearly two years of research, human-centered design, and collaborative workshops culminating in recommendation prototypes and commitments from platforms Facebook, Google, TikTok, and Twitter to improve curation, reporting, and transparency shared as part of the UN Generation Equality Forum.  

One year on, Glitch and Social Finance UK led research with Paulina Ibarra, Fundacion Multitudes; Marianne Diaz, Access Now; Juliet Nanfuka, Collaboration on International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa; and Marwa Azelmat, RNW Media and ran an additional series of co-creation workshops to review progress made by tech companies and develop a framework for global accountability on OGBV.

The work continues on and is driven by members and affiliates of the Women’s Rights Online Network. All efforts to ensure that the web is open, safe, trusted, and empowering are only possible and sustainable with the expertise of those most directly affected, and through collaboration across  civil society, tech companies, industry, governments, academia and journalists to ensure the web is for everyone. For the full list of organizations that participated in workshops and consultations, click here.
Thanks to the organisations that participated in our consultations and workshops

We need you to help us build a world free from online gender-based violence.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this work through consultations, workshops and collaborative sessions.

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