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Data & Reports

Published research on OGBV has focused predominantly on the experiences of women in the Global North. We therefore analyzed studies on OGBV in Central and Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia, and found that OGBV is truly a global problem. 

Gaps and challenges

It is clear that OGBV is a significant issue across all countries studied, and we found prevalence statistics ranging from 28% to 100% of women surveyed or interviewed. But a lack of standardized, complete data on OGBV makes it a difficult issue to tackle. Official statistics on OGBV incidence rates do not exist from local or national governments or from tech companies in any of the countries explored in our research. Furthermore, societal misogyny and other systemic barriers remain obstacles to work on this issue.

What is needed

In order to best harness the valuable work being carried out by different civil society organizations across these countries, civil society researchers across the globe need to be supported to work together to build a central database, develop common definitions and lobby national and regional governments to collect official data on OGBV incidence rates.

Inventory of reports

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