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Governments & Regulation

The legislative landscape around OGBV is growing and changing. Across the globe, amendments are being made, new laws are being developed, and existing laws contested.

Gaps and challenges

A review of legislation efforts shows that existing legislation often either focuses on violence against women but misses an online dimension, or focuses on online violence more generally but misses a gender dimension. And while legislation might aim to improve online safety, there are also some instances of legislation being misused and/ or new bills having negative consequences.

What is needed

Governments must recognize OGBV as a priority issue and consider public policy strategies and legislation which go beyond criminalization, center the lived experience of survivors and have a clear focus on both prevention and survivor support. 

Governments must consider that many cases of online behavior that constitute OGBV cannot be defined by law in any meaningful way, without the risk of unintended consequences.

Inventory of regulations and government initiatives

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