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Build a Coalition to Mobilise Change

A coalition of diverse stakeholders initiating dialogue, promoting Trusted Design Norms, and supporting jurisdictional regulation at a global scale.


Who is responsible for mobilising change around Deceptive Design? There is currently a lack of clarity, ownership and vision for creating frameworks and regulation. The issue is complicated, touching many different domains and siloed issue areas. This leads to regulatory guidance that is often contradictory and confusing. As a result, many policy-makers lack understanding of the issue and its urgency.


Found a transdisciplinary coalition of stakeholders across a diverse range of law and policy areas. Activities will include: 

  • Develop best practices and policy guidance to pave the way for national-level implementations. 
  • Advocate for the application of Trusted Design Norms into a range of regulatory and design frameworks. 
  • Develop a process for openly validating and evolving the Trusted Design Norms.

The coalition roadmap below emerged from the Trusted Design TPDL process and shows opportunities for change. A core team will lead on implementation, with the support of a wider network of working groups. A transparent governance model will outline processes for adapting the roadmap to an ever-changing cultural and technological landscape. The coalition will lay the groundwork for an International Regulatory Task Force focused on regulatory strategies, comprised of politicians, legislators, and subject matter experts.

Roadmap diagram for a coalition to address deceptive design.

“It is important to create more spaces where we can ask these questions, discuss the challenges and create solid reference frameworks that could contribute to ethical design practices.” - Advocacy Organization


The coalition will provide a structure for addressing the globally pervasive impacts of Deceptive Design. By raising awareness and encouraging adoption of the Trusted Design Norms, it can mobilise global change on multiple levels, from policies to market practices.

Regulation and Enforcement Mechanisms

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Public Awareness and Scrutiny

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Influencing Business Models

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Forums for Multi-Sector Collaboration

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Transparency and Data 

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Digital Literacy and Citizenship

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