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Strengthening the research and evidence base

In order to better understand the nuances and complexities of OGBV, we need more data, from more contexts and sources.


Official statistics on OGBV are missing around the world. However, we need this data to better understand the issue around the globe and to lobby for change. 

In particular, we need to better understand regional and local factors, as what OGBV looks like can change based on different contexts, which also impact data collection methods and definitions. 


Researchers, funders, governments and tech companies need to work together to agree on interoperable definitions and data collection methods regarding OGBV and its different forms, guidance for data collection, and close existing data gaps, e.g. better data about perpetrator behavior. 


While the standardization of definitions is important, we must develop a data methodology and ontology that also considers local context, as harm from OGBV may be perceived differently by women in different regional contexts.


Official OGBV data collection across the world would enable a more complete, richer understanding of the extent of OGBV, its different forms and its impact. A standardized data ontology would allow for comparison across geographies and across time to better understand the nuances of OGBV in different contexts. This evidence will increase accountability and help make the case to governments and tech companies that more action is needed to address OGBV.

Regulation and Enforcement Mechanisms

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Public Awareness and Scrutiny

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Influencing Business Models

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Forums for Multi-Sector Collaboration

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Transparency and Data 

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Digital Literacy and Citizenship

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